1A Ingenieros, a leading company in the construction engineering sector in Castilla y León, started life in 1997.

Since then it has grown steadily as a business, expanding its operational capacity into numerous engineering fields to achieve its current position as one of the most prestigious engineering firms nationwide.

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Our key has always been to bet on human capital as the backbone of the organization. Thanks to this and the experience of the entire team, we have been able to generate a culture of anticipation and adaptation to change, oriented to the market. A culture focused on innovation and excellence, on the constant search for opportunities and on the creation and implementation of new innovative and creative solutions that facilitate sustainable development.

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At 1A Ingenieros we conceive projects according to their entire life cycle. From the first moment when the need is identified and the search for optimal solutions begins, until its start-up and maintenance. We take care of the entire cycle with turnkey services or in those specific phases that the client requires.

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Our R + D + i department is focused on the constant search for opportunities. They continuously observe, analyze and implement innovative solutions and those most relevant national and international technological trends, which they consider can generate greater impact and benefit in our sector.

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Evolution for us is linked to effort. It arises from the creativity and ingenuity of talented people motivated by an important sense of achievement, and by the desire to find new and better ways to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

We work permanently to improve all the services and products that we have through the free discussion of ideas, the management of our knowledge and the learning of our mistakes.

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We innovate from demand to offer solutions to society